Nasajit Fabric Trading Company

Nasajit is a combination of Textile (Nasaji), Information Technology (IT) and Existing Control Theory (JIT), which stands for Just in Time.

Nasajit was established in 1397 and started its activity with the aim of producing first-class Iranian upholstery fabric with high quality raw materials and beautiful and eye-catching designs. The high quality and variety of textile designs led to the export of upholstery fabrics to neighboring countries, including Iraq and Azerbaijan.

Nesajit online store is active in the field of supplying all kinds of furniture fabrics, curtain fabrics and bedding fabrics in the form of meters and niches. Sellers, traders, manufacturers and home consumers can search and order the fabrics of their choice on nasajit.com website. Check, select, compare, order and decorate your environment with your chosen fabric faster, easier and cheaper than you think.

Nasajit Advantages

more than 50 models
Easy to choose
24-hour support
custom orders
Italian technology
Quality guarantee
meters and bolts
Fast delivery

Why Nasajit?

There are many fabric manufacturers in Yazd and one of them is Nasajit. We intend to supply Yazd upholstery fabric to the market with better quality than foreign ones at a relatively low price and to have a significant share in controlling the outflow of currency from our country.

As a producer, Nesajit has a lower price than its colleagues and has accelerated quick access to various types of fabrics by selling Yazd furniture fabrics online and through its website.

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Types of upholstery fabrics by design

Types of upholstery fabrics by color

Types of upholstery fabrics by application

Types of upholstery fabrics by application

Fabric export in Iran

Iran is one of the successful countries in the field of export, which has proven its excellent national production with its quality and suitable products. Among the common and popular exports in our country, we can mention the export of Fabric. upholstery fabric export has attracted the attention of applicants from many neighboring countries due to its excellent quality and various designs in accordance with the customer’s taste. Nasajit is one of the most reputable suppliers and exporters of upholstery fabrics in the country.

Central store address: No. 394, Yasavari Alley, Zare St., Chahardangeh Industrial Town, Tehran

Factory address: Yazd, Shahdieh Industrial Town, Ebtekar Alley

Email: nassajit@gmail.com




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